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 Game premise/Story

A young boy who grew up with his grandfather searches for a way to resurrect his parents.  Flibu lived in a quiet town, then his country was plagued by a disease that took most a lot of lives, he was part of the first group that was transported and in his wait for his parents to come whilst he waited at his grandfathers house he got news that his parents got ill and did not survive.

In his pursuit to get his parents back he goes in a journey that could potential cause more harm then good, with out full knowledge of what it might cause, he goes in blindly, and there might be others forces at hand that he didnt know were lurking in his consciousness.

Join Flibu and find out what really made him go on a path that could destroy life on his whole universe. 

Note: The game is still in early access and we are working on a larger project, your support is highly appreciated and please be patient whilst we work on the cutscenes.

From the Dev team

We know you arent able to spend much on indie games, we wanted to go for $12 and ended up realizing that it would be hard to get the sales we require to grow further and its not fair that we have to charge that high.  And so $4.99 cents was the best decision, not only for players who want to show support, but for creators to given a price that wont hurt their budgets.

Please remember that we also have cuts, like tax and the industry standard of percentage cut(it was our choice, and we want to show our appreciation to itch), not to mention the efforts that went in creating and making all those animation possible.


Game duration: 

2+ hours

Music by: 

Difendent Studios(7+ different tracks)

Game type:

2.5D action platformer(complex animations)

How to play:

In-game manual available

Contact us

Email : 


Call us :

+2773 591 7742

Youtube  : 
Indie Game World

System Requirements

- Operating system :

Windows 8 64-bit (tested) 

- System Processor :

Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3350 @ 1.10GHz   1.10 GHz (tested)

- Memory :

4 GB RAM( tested)

- Storage :

1.5 GB required

 - Input :

keyboard and Controller support(tested)


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Flibu.rar 205 MB

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